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“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.

Albert Einstein

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Phone-Mediation.com is an organization of trained mediation and Conflict Resolution professionals experienced in providing effective conflict and dispute resolution services. Problem solving is our specialty finding the common ground and reaching mutual understanding for all parties.

How Phone Mediation works

Mediation is the process by which parties come together to resolve their differences through the facilitation of a trained and neutral intermediary.  It helps parties reach the best agreements for themselves.

Mediation can be used by traditional and non-traditional parties at any point during their dispute.  This is especially important when dealing with the dissolution of alternative family structures, where legal avenues are not always available.  

The mediator will contact each party individually to set up a mutually desirable time for the call and send out the guidelines for mediation. The mediator’s qualifications will be sent and both parties must agree to the process, mediator and mediation guidelines. The mediator will initiate the three-way call session. The Mediator will help both parties reach an understanding and mutually agreeable non binding resolution. An outline of the statement of understanding or resolution will be provided as part of the mediation service. 

Why Phone Mediation works

Phone mediation the most convenient, flexible and the most affordable form of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).  Conflicting parties do not have to face each other and issues can be handled over the phone.  Cost can be about 50% less then conventional mediation.

Phone Mediation is an acceptable and recognized form of argument and dispute resolution in all 50 states.

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